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GRIMM TALES is an immersive theatre experience taking over the sprawling Bargehouse on London’s South Bank 21 November 2014 – 15 February 2015. It will see the lofty warehouse space transformed into an inspired world of overgrown forests, slaughterhouse kitchens, crumbling industrial castles and dilapidated attic ballrooms where audiences will witness a selection of murky tales performed by a cast of sixteen.

London’s newest alternative theatre experience has collaborated with The Other Art Fair to produce original artworks based on six of the famous tales.

This creative collaboration saw six artists commissioned to respond to one of the six delightfully twisted tales that are depicted in the show. I responded to the tale of The Frog King:

A beautiful princess cuts a deal with an ugly, well-dwelling frog to get back her beloved golden ball. Her promise is ambiguous, but he gets all amphibious and hops along to the palace to collect his well-earned prize. But ugly is only skin-deep of course, as the princess duly discovers when her temper frays.

The Frog King is available exclusively from The Other Art Fair Shop.

BParker The Frog King web

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Sand, wood, stone and natural resins create this painting, which is an attempt to ‘grow’ from a canvas. The rough but delicate naturalistic forms struggle to compartmentalize the surface. The straight line is the most alien form to the human mind. By its presence, even broken, it conveys a presence of being. The layering provides a history, which also demonstrates the ‘real’ time act of making, as well as a ‘landscape’ on which to look out upon.
Medium: Sand, wood, stone and natural resins on canvas
Size: 101cm x 76 cm
This painting can be purchased on Saatchi Online

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