BParker Come to this 2015 150x120cm web

Jute, sand, bones, glass and rope on canvas
150 x 120 cm

‘Come to this’ explores the human desire to distance oneself from our natural heritage, drawing upon two main visual references.
The first visual reference is a bone bed, representing the discovery of a fossil, a piece of the journey in our evolutionary ‘development’, the process of careful unveiling and quantifying to shed light upon a passing event. The placement of the glass pieces (representing grave goods) in a semi-geometric arrangement demonstrates the presence of thought or ritual detailing, an act of consideration (which ‘we’ use to separate ourselves from our animalistic traits). The second visual reference is the ritualized portrayal of the media icon, stylistically laid bare in an unnatural pose for all to see. The momentary mass-consumed photographic image of celebrity is the sharing of an ideal, the perpetuation of ‘want’. It is perfection for a moment, then a passing memory, often leaving little trace and easily consigned to history.
Has it ‘come to this’ that we so celebrate our perception of perfection, holding on to futile passing icons to self-congratulate our achievement over our natural self? When the relics of our self-importance will be discovered as fossils by those yet to come, we will be just another piece in the journey of evolution.

If you are interested in ‘Come to this’, please contact me. ‘Come to this’ is also available in The Other Art Fair online shop and on Saatchi Art.