This is a series of sketches entitled An Andalusian Minotaur, inspired by the festivals and feiras of Andalucia, Spain.

Reclining minotaur, 2011
Graphite and oil on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm

Reclining Minotaur 2011 web

The simple form references the primitive, natural deitification, temporal reverence, and forgotten idolatries. At the same time, the pose is a tribute to iconic reclining figures of ‘enlightened’ classical art, a symbol of man’s effort to distance himself from nature. The semi-engagement of the subject-matter and apparent grandiosity of form serve to create distance from the observer, while the tranquility and peaceful arrogance betray the fact that this image depicts a spent protagonist being dragged through the sand, from the arena, after having been sacrificed during a ‘corrida’ (bullfight).

The minotaur mother, 2011
Graphite and oil on paper, 21 x 29.7 cm

Minotaur mother, 2011

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